Speaker Series

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Winter Tree ID Walk and Talk with Steve Allgeier
Join Steve Allgeier, Horticulture Consultant and Master Gardener Coordinator, as he walks the Washington Road Community Traill. The walk began at the Community Media Center and continued on the Washington Road Community Trail. Steve shares tips and information on identifying the different types of trees and their characteristics.

Photography Talk with Walt Calahan

Photographer Walt Calahan shares techniques for outdoor photography. He covers photographing animals, plants, and people in nature. Watch this program to have your photos looking professional in no time.


WRC Trail Speaker Series – Photography with Walt Calahan Photographs


1. Animal Photography


2. Plant Photography


3. Scenic Photography


4. Portrait Photography


Forestry Board Winter Workshop
On January 25th, the Carroll County Forestry Board held their Winter Workshop at the Community Media Center.  During the one-day workshop, participants learned how too many deer, invasive plants and land fragmentation interact to threaten the health of woodlands. The CMC broadcast Dr. William McShea’s presentation live on Channel 19 and has made it available for viewing here.  Additional presentations will be aired on Channel 19 during the month of March.  For specific dates and times visit our program schedule Click here to search for a program on Channel 19.

Dr. William McShea – The Deer Delemma
Dr. William J. McShea, Ph. D. Research Scientist, Smithsonian National Zoological Park, Dr. McShea’s will share a presentation The Deer Delemma. His talk will address how land parcelization, deer and non-native invasive plants are interatcting to throw our forest ecosystems out of balance.

Images of the Workshop:

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WRC Trail Speaker’s Series: Invasive Weeds of Carroll County

Watch our Speakers Series Video featuring Connie Hoge from the Carroll County Weed Warriors. Learn about the origins of invasive species, the problems these plants can cause, and what species are of particular concern here in Carroll county.