Trail in Transition


The Washington Road Community Trail is currently in a transition period to reassess our goals and to determine how we can best utilize the trail to benefit and engage our community. Our next meeting is scheduled for June 6th 2016. If you would like to be a part of the trail or if you have any questions, please contact us at

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3rd Annual Zombie Run a Success!


Thank you to everyone who came out for our 3rd annual Zombie Run Saturday! This year was a great success and I hope everything had a blast! We want to thank our race sponsors Rafael’s Westminster, Carroll Hospital, Maggies. Also to food and beverages sponsors Giant, Shoppers Food, Weis Markets, Food Lion and Jiffy Mart.

HUGE thanks to all our volunteer race staff and zombies from Carroll Community College, Carroll County Youth Service Bureau, Inc. and McDaniel College, cmc member volunteers for covering the event, our board members and trail members for coming together to take on a accomplish the task!

Last but not least our stakeholders without their continued support we could not have this trail! Carroll Community College, Hill Family Center Y, Westminster Senior High, Gateway School, CCYSB, Carroll County Career and Tech Center, Community Media Center of Carroll County and Robert Moton Elementary.

Here are some highlight photos from the 3rd Annual Zombie Run last Saturday, tag your friends, post some pictures, and share! ‪#‎5K‬ ‪#‎CCZombie5K‬

See you on the Trail!

-WRC Staff

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WRC Trail 3rd Annual Zombie Run


WRC Trail 3rd Annual Zombie Run

Saturday, October 17, 2015

It is the 3rd annual 5k Zombie Run! Where you try to survive an all-terrain trail, hang on to your flags while being chased by hordes of Zombies! Sound like fun? Last year, over 150 runners and 60 zombies took on the challenge! #CCZombie5K

Be a Zombie or be a Runner, just be there! All proceeds benefit the upkeep of Washington Road Community Trail. Tickets are on-sale now for $25, so go online & register!

All registered racers will be entered to win a FREE 1 Year Membership at the Hill Family Center Y.

Online registration will close at 5pm est on Oct 16th 2015. Race Day registration will be available and the price will be $30 registration (includes a FREE WRC Zombie Run T-Shirt!, shirts limited). Please make sure you provide shirt size when you register online.

For pricing, tickets and how to sign up to volunteer please click an options above! Spread the word and lets make this 5k a big one!

Our Sponsors


Race Day Schedule

Zombie Prep*Optional: 7:00AM

Day of Race Registration: 8:30 am

Zombie Staging: 9:30AM

Race time: 10 am

We will be staging for the event in front of the Community Media Center which is the building in front of the Carroll County Career and Tech Center. Please arrive early to sign the required waiver, receive your shirt and other event information.

Runners please dress appropriately for this Zombie Run, keep in mind it could be colder being it is in October, dress accordingly. There is a possibility for ticks during this time of the year so make sure you either apply spray ahead of time and/or thoroughly check for ticks after the race. Please have fun and dress the part! Remeber this is a Zombie theme, embrace the season!

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Comcast Cares Day 2015


The Washington Road Community Trail partnered with Comcast and the Hill Family Center Y to gather volunteers to prepare the WRC Trail for the Spring and Summer months by cleaning up the trash and leaves. Watch the coverage of this great day as the community gives back.

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WRC Trail Speaker Series – Winter Photography Talk with Walt Calahan


Join photographer Walt Calahan as he walks along the WRC Trail focusing on winter photography tips. Don’t miss this informative program to get your outside winter photos looking professional in no time!!

Cell Phone Photography Class at Carroll Community College, class starts on Wednesday, April 8th and meets for 3 Wednesday sessions till April 22. The time is 7-9 PM. Cost: $77.











Key Points

  • Dress for the Weather, wear layers
  • Water, dehydration can happen even in winter
  • Wear GLOVES!
  • Correct footwear, no one likes cold wet feet.
  • Extra Batteries
  • Gadgets are great, but pack light


Winter is a great time to photograph outside, or as the great sage of photography once said
“Bad weather makes for great photos.” All it takes is a little preparation. First we must respect the environment. Always hike the Washington Road Community Trail witha partner. Hypothermia is always a possibility in winter, so have a partner who can go get help if
you are injured.

Dress for the weather. Wet feet is the first step to potential disaster.
Bring water. Dehydration is a concern in the winter as much as it is on a hot summer day.
Batteries. Nothing stops winter photography in its tracks faster than dead camera batteries.
Always bring spares.

A clean lens. Bring a soft cotton bandana to clean your lens from the elements. While you are at
it, carry a small plastic bag to cover your camera if it starts raining or snowing.

The WRC Trail is a rich visual experience, but in the winter it is usually more muted than in the
spring, summer and fall. The subtle colors, along with how the low winter light shapes the
landscape, is a great opportunity for quality photographs, but as another great sage once said
“The mind can only see what it is prepared to see.” So do some research before hitting the trail.
Know what type of flora and fauna to expect in the winter. Get a weather report before arriving
so you are prepared for changes in light from the strong graphics that interplay with a bright
sunny day, to the pastels of tone on a cloudy day.

And slow down. Take your time because walking the WRC Trail is not a race. Look up and look
down. Some of the best images are literally under our noses. Winter is a great time for macro
photography, so get in very very close to uncover patterns that are missed when rushing to the
next bend in the trail.

In winter, I tend to not want to carry all the lenses I own, but instead stick to one lens that can
set the tone of how the photographs can be shaped. By limiting yourself to only one lens per trip
to the WRC Trail you will train your mind to see like that lens when the camera is not up to your
eye. This way you will be more reactive to photographic possibilities before you bring the
camera to your face.

Make a photographic game while on the WRC Trail. Walk with a watch with a sweep second
hand, and make yourself take a picture every 60 seconds. This way you’ll will train your mind to
actively think ahead for possibilities before they happen. Not every image will be a winner, but
you greatly increase your odds at making a compelling photograph when you are activity
thinking about opportunities instead of passively reacting after the fact.

– Walt Calahan



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“Backyards Buffer” Program




When: Saturday, Apr. 11, 2015 (All day)
Where: UME Carroll County
Address:  UME Carroll County
700 Agricultural Center Drive
Westminster, MD 21157
The Backyard Buffers program is designed to assist homeowners with land five acres or less, who have a stream or other waterway on or adjacent to their property to create a streamside buffer of native trees and shrubs. A streamside buffer can create habitat for wildlife, reduce peak water temperatures, and reduce the amount of sediment, fertilizer, and toxic materials that enter our waterways. Deep-rooted trees and shrubs can also stabilize stream banks, protecting them from erosion.

If you are a homeowner and have a stream or other waterway on or adjacent to your property, and are interested in creating streamside buffer, complete the application form (download it here) and return it to the address on the back with a letter stamp. The bags will be available for pickup at the Ag Center complex April 11th, 2015

$15 or $25
Contact: Carroll County Forestry Board
Contact Email:


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WRC Trail Speaker Series – Winter Tree ID Walk and Talk


Join Steve Allgeier, Horticulture Consultant and Master Gardener Coordinator, as he walks the Washington Road Community Traill. The walk began at the Community Media Center and continued on the Washington Road Community Trail. Steve shares tips and information on identifying the different types of trees and their characteristics.


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2nd Annual Zombie Run was a Success!


Thank you all for coming out to our WRC Trail 2nd Annual Zombie Run this year, it was a huge success! I really think we double our numbers from last year, so thank you thank you for all who came out and made this event possible! Just wanted to take moment to thank our Zombies and Volunteers who donated their time to help us pull this whole thing off! We hope to make this event even larger next year so please look out for an email to help us make the experience better for next time. Also we have trail meetings every first Monday of month at the Community Media Center at 4pm, questions contact us at

If you put your name down for T-Shirts we will contact you as soon as we put a new order of shirts in, we will contact you.


 Run Times

  1. Aiden Lovelace                   27.42
  2. Nick Duvall                         27.53
  3. Chris Wettl                          31.16
  4. Sam Piazza                          31.49
  5. Julie Augustine                   31.59
  6. Luke Carpenter                  32.59
  7. Lizzie Wright                      33.00
  8. Chris Fox                             32.55
  9. Matt Duvall                         32.00
  10. Taylor Wolf                         33.55
  11. Tina Duvall                         33.58
  12. Ross Heyman                      34.10
  13. Charlie Burke                     34.11
  14. Mike Burke                        34.13
  15. Ryan Siyme                       34.15
  16. Sean Ellis                           35.00
  17. Bill Carpenter                   35.12
  18. Martin Reynolds              35.12
  19. Terri Bozby                       35.40
  20. Karleigh Clemente           36.00
  21. Keith Clemente                 36.00
  22. Jen Eliot                            36.05
  23. Bryan Peterson                36.05
  24. Rick Wach                        33.26
  25. Melissa Doan                   36.54
  26. Emma Doan                    36.54
  27. Michael Pfaff                   37.00
  28. Brian Rosnick                 37.30
  29. Joseph Lotier                   37.17
  30. Not returned
  31. Not returned
  32. Not returned
  33. Eli Carpenter                    38.13
  34. Mary Alexander                37.59
  35. Marjorie Simpson            38.22
  36. Everett Costley                  38.29
  37. Katie Costley                     38.37
  38. April Sigmon                     39.00
  39. Christy Araujo                  39.23
  40. Michelle Steen                 39.47
  41. Erin Wroten                     39.54
  42. Michael Lease                 40.22
  43. Kailey Cooney                 39.49
  44. Eva Buzby                       39.50
  45. Tara Favinhou               40.05
  46. Nikodeamos Koutsoheras            41.36
  47. Jennifer Koutsoheras    37.21
  48. Shannon Giel                 37.51
  49. Spencer Teal                  41.22
  50. Kevin Pham                   42.02
  51. Maria Koutsoheras       41.32
  52. Robert Muffoletto         42.27
  53. Adam Remingo              –.–
  54. Chris Coder                     –.–
  55. Kristen Gassage           42.18
  56. Barbara Teal                42.39
  57. Ethan Sussmon          42.53
  58. Skylar Hardee            42.55
  59. Chai Scobie                42.09
  60. Marc Austin                43.18
  61. Terri McIntyre           43.34
  62. Edward Haddawm     42.38
  63. Darwin Paredes           43.30
  64. Donald Winstess         43.49
  65. Erik Salenicks             44.10
  66. Emma Buzby               44.20
  67. Isabelle Weaver          44.20
  68. Terra Miley                 44.28
  69. Kristin Beheler          44.28
  70. Slavka Weaver          44.28
  71. Christine Deal            –.–
  72. Greg Rinehart          45.28
  73. Crystal Wolf             45.28
  74. Christianah Kolajo           43.11
  75. Martin Njankwe                 43.21


















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Photography Talk with Walt Calahan – Speaker Series


Photographer Walt Calahan shares techniques for outdoor photography. He covers photographing animals, plants, and people in nature. Watch this program to have your photos looking professional in no time.


WRC Trail Speaker Series – Photography with Walt Calahan


WRC Trail Speaker Series – Photography with Walt Calahan Photographs


1. Animal Photography


2. Plant Photography


3. Scenic Photography


4. Portrait Photography

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Zombie Make-Up Kits

Zombie workshop 2

In case you missed the 2014 Zombie Workshop with special effects make-up artist, Ryan Fisher, here is what you need to make a gruesome gut wrenching Zombie look on a budget:

Fresh Dead Make-Up Kit

  1. Family Value Makeup Kit (Halloween City store) $9.99
  2. Additional Cost (makeup wedges, and Qtips) $3.00 max

      Grand Total: $12.99

Old Dead Make-up Kit

  1. Family Value Makeup Kit (Halloween City store) $9.99
  2. Additional Cost (makeup wedges, and Qtips) $3.00 max
  3. Liquid Latex (Halloween City Store) $3.99
  4. Food Coloring- assorted colors (Walmart) $2.99
  5. Foam Cups (mixing food color- Walmart) $.99
  6. 1 Standard Bottle of Honey (Walmart) $4.00

    Grand Total: $22.00

Additional Options:
Walking Dead Make-up kit (Halloween City Store) $9.99

Zombie Workshop 4

Zombie Workshop 1

Zombie workshop 2


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