Local CCC student Claire Kafka loves to take pictures while she hikes. Claire wanted to share her experience on the WRC Trail with fellow patrons of the trail. She hopes to one day become a larger part of the trail organization and maybe become apart of the committee.

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Our 5K loop is now officially open. Our vine-cutting ceremony on Friday was a success. Thank you to Rob who installed all the signs and wrote the nice speech. Thank you to Karen for delivering the speech and organizing. Thank you to Lynn and Andie for catering the event. Thank you to the Carroll County Media Center for filming and taking pictures. Thank you to Commissioners Howard, Shoemaker and Rothschild for coming out to support us. Thank you to everybody else who came and helped. We couldn’t do this without out all of you. Thank you!

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November 2012: Thanks to everybody who came out to help us clean-up the trail!



A group of volunteers planted three white oak trees by the trail behind Gateway School last Sunday. The volunteer effort was inspired by an interfaith discussion on climate change, “Scientific and Spiritual Dimensions of Climate Change.” The group hopes to continue planting trees once or twice each year.

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Learn more about the Trail in this video by Chris Bradford.