About the WRC Trail

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Trail Location

The trail is located on a corridor of land along Washington Road between Route 97 and Hook Road.  It extends from Westminster High School to the YMCA of Carroll County and has many loops and connecting paths at different places along the trail. This lets trail users select segments of the trail to create a walk based on how far and how long they want to go.

Trail Features


The trail is ideal for walking, whether for serious exercise or just a stroll in the outdoors.  It is divided into a number of separate loops which can be used independently or together to create a walk of any length or duration.  If a walker only has a short amount of time during a lunch hour, shorter pieces of the trail can be used. Or the entire three plus miles of trail could be used.  Walking is the simplest and safest form of exercise.  And, like Henry David Thoreau, many people feel they do their most productive thinking while walking.

For joggers who prefer varied terrain, scenic outdoor vistas, and plenty of room, the WRC trail will be very appealing.  There are flat areas and nice rolling stretches to provide an excellent cardio workout. And it is far safer than running on a public roadway. Once this trail is discovered by the area’s runners, its popularity will start to grow.  The trail is an excellent location for organized running events.

The trail also has some sections which are accessible to people with strollers or who need assistive technology.

Dog Walking

Conscientious pet owners will love the natural environment of the trail as a perfect place to exercise the family dog.  There’s nothing a dog likes more than a trek down an exciting trail with a variety of sights, sounds, and smells. Your dog will thank you for it. They should be leashed, and their wastes removed of course.


Outdoor Photography

The trail is also a great place to indulge an interest in outdoor photography.  The wooded patches, grassy fields, streams and wetlands provide plenty of opportunities for creative picture taking.

Communing with nature

Simply enjoying a little time in a natural setting can go a long way in relieving stress and helping to wind down after a hectic day.  One superb feature of the middle section of the trail is the Labyrinth near the Gateway school.  Labyrinths have been used for thousands of years to clear the mind and help one gain insight to the self.  The labyrinth has been called a walking meditation and a way to gain perspective in your life.  For many people, it is worth exploring and it is right here on the trail.

Healthy Family Activity

Many parents are concerned that their children are spending too much time indoors, with video games, television, or on the phone.  The trail provides an excellent alternative to the sedentary lifestyle

that kids may not recognize as unhealthy. The physical activity of walking, the exposure to the natural world, and the simple act of spending time together as a family, are great replacements for other, less wholesome interests that children sometimes gravitate toward.


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